Konstantin Korovin – Cityscapes

One of the favourite themes of an artist is Paris. In the Parisian cityscapes ‘Paris Cafe’ (1890s), ‘Cafe de la Paix’ (1905) and others, one sees the emphasis on the construction of a random composition, the desire for new chromatic flavour, and a free style of painting.

In the 1900s, Konstantin Korovin found himself deeply interested in the evening and nighttime scenes of Paris, with its glittering lights, flashing advertisements, and bright people. He painted ‘Paris by night. Boulevard des Italiens’ (1908), ‘Night carnival’ (1901) and ‘Evening in Paris’ (1907) and others.

His Paris works are deeply impressionistic. The artist skilfully captures the impressions of multicolour, bright and constantly changing life of the city. At dusk or in the morning haze, the light loses its concreteness, becomes a system of vibrating patterns, and objects lose the sharpness of contour. In the best works of Korovin, along with the transmission of emotional states, there is great value and materiality, sensing the tangible reality of things.[1]

Montmartre in the evening. (1930s).

Nice at night. (1909).

Street at night. Paris. (1902).

Paris at night. (1920s).

Paris at night. Boulevard des Italiens. (1908).

Paris after the rain. (1900).

Paris in the morning. (1920s).

Paris. (1907).

Paris. (1933).

Boulevard des Capucines. Paris. (1906).

Seine. Paris. (1902).

Paris. Morning. (1906).

Parisian cafe. (1890s).

Parisian cafe. (1890s).


1) Yamaha373, “‘Parisian Boulevards’ and ‘Fires of Paris’ – K. A. Korovin“, 18 February 2012.


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