Krasnov’s Crimea

Nikolai Petrovich Krasnov (Nov 23, 1864 – Dec 8, 1939) was an architect, academic, and painter of architectural scenes.

Between 1887-1899, he was chief architect of Yalta, for which he was paid 900 roubles per annum, and a contract for twenty four years, of which he fulfilled twelve.  He also held a private practice until 1911.

At the young architect lay full responsibility for solving a wide range of issues associated with the rapid development of Yalta as the all-Russian resort city. Architect Nikolai Krasnov started with an expansion of the promenade, which in 1913 became the main street of Yalta. In 1889 he began to develop a new plan for the city. Under his guidance, urban sewerage and new streets were constructed, and old streets were renamed. He limited the width of the streets and the height of buildings, eliminated chaotic construction in the city; built a school and a children’s hospital; constructed the Pushkin Boulevard, strengthened the embankment of the river Wuchang-Su retaining the original wall and stone parapet, while across the river he setup two concrete bridges of reinforced concrete. In 1913, he compiled an album of illustrations for over 60 of his works, and he presented it to the St Petersburg Academy of Arts.

Perspective plan of the front yard of Count Yusupov’s hunting lodge in Kokkozy village.

Count Yusupov’s hunting lodge in Kokkozy village.

Yusupov’s hunting lodge.

Gate in Yusupov’s park, Kokkozy.


The Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich’s church of St Nina.

Western facade of Grand Duke Pyotr Nikolayevich’s palace “Dyulber”.


Park and facade of the Dyulber palace.

View of the Dyulber palace.


“Harax” palace of the Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich.

Harax palace.


Entry gate into the Italian courtyard of the Livady palace.

Livady palace park.


Arcade of the Italian yard of the Livady palace.


Eastern facade of the Livady palace.


Arcade of the Italian courtyard of the Livady palace.

Park in Livady palace grounds.


Livady palace park.

Rose arch in Livady palace park.


Eastern facade of Livady palace.


Frontispiece of Krasnov’s book “Fiftieth Anniversary of Yalta”.

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  1. I’m interested in this post but unfortunately the photos aren’t displaying, just the captions. Perhaps the problem is at my end. Have others had trouble viewing the images?

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