Art Roundup – June 2014

We’re smack in the middle of the Year of Russia in the UK and there is much to anticipate for the next half year. A massive Malevich retrospective at the Tate Modern, an exhibition of avant-garde theatre design at the Victoria & Albert, a look at the famous Jack of Diamonds at the Courtauld. I’m beside myself.

But before all that, we have June to get through. So what’s happening around the planet?

Cubist still life, by Liviu Hâncu.

Cubist still life, by Liviu Hancu.

  • In Chicago‘s Ukrainian National Museum, an exhibition of the works of Roman Vovk continues till June 14, 2014. Dammit, I had no idea of the existence of this museum when I lived in Chicago years ago. Dammit.
  • A personal exhibition of the works of Liviu Hâncu, a Moldovan artist, runs till June 8, 2014, at the Constantin Brancusi gallery in Chișinău, Moldova.
  • In the Riga Art Space, En Vogue, a display of Latvian and Siberian contemporary art starts June 13, 2014, and continues till August 2014 in Riga, Latvia.
  • On the Internet is the Carlos Reid Gallery where you can find, among others, the works of Alexander Ilichev.
  • And, finally, New York‘s Gallery Shchukin holds an exhibition of the works of the Dagestan-born artist and sculptor Aladdin Garunov till June 30, 2014.

Art Roundup – July 2013

Summer again, folks – in the northern hemisphere at least. I wonder if any Russian art ever finds its way to the southern half of the planet? Hmm, needs a bit of investigating.

Intourist poster (Yerevan, 1930s)

Anyway, first off we have an exhibition of Soviet-era Intourist posters: SEE USSR, at the Grad Gallery, London, until August 31, 2013. Here’s an example of one from the 1930s (via Flickr). Very art deco, eh?

Next, we have an exhibition by famous artists of Azerbaijan and Moldova at the Niagara Art Gallery in Chişinău, Moldova. There was a press release two days ago, but I can’t find any links to the exhibition itself.

The Andriaki School of Watercolours in Moscow has an exhibition Pages from the History of the Romanovs running till July 21, 2013, presenting a unique collection of drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs and documents relating to the family history of the Russian imperial family.

In Astana, Kazakhstan, there is a brilliant exhibition of the works by the ‘First female artists of Kazakhstan’. It runs at the Museum of Modern Art from July 4 – September 30, 2013. Works by such artists as Aysha Galimbaeva, Gulfairus Ismailova, Elizaveta Govorova, Mariya Lizogub, Olga Kuzhelenko, Liya Kolotilina, Emiliya Babad and Zoya Beregovaya will be displayed.

On a slightly different note, there is a travelling exhibition of children’s art called Silk Road & Silk Town, a collaborative exhibition between China and Uzbekistan. If you’ve missed the displays at Jiaxing, don’t panic – you can still catch it at Hangzhou from July 26, 2013.