Daniel Daran

There’s amazingly little information I’ve been able to find about Daniel Daran except for a quick career roundup, which tells little about the man. Of course, one could aver that the art is more important than the artist, and in fact in this case (out of sheer laziness) I shall, indeed, aver that. Here are some more paintings in varied genres by him.


Daniel Daran and the Circus

Daniel Daran (or Reichman) (Даниил Борисович Даран) (1894 – 1964) was born in Voronezh, studied at Saratov, worked in graphic design, executed landscapes, portraits, book illustrations, yearned for recognition even whilst remaining indifferent to fame, and spent nearly thirty years of his life admiring and sketching circus life. Here are some of his remarkable watercolours and drawings.