Lives of the Artists XXVI

Bronze, stone, 24 х 15 х 13 см

Paolo Trubetzkoy (1866-1938) was the illegitimate son of a Russian diplomat. He was famed for his sculpture and rapid Impressionistic sketches. He was known also for his vegetarianism.

He once created a sculpture of a man swallowing meat cutlets, beneath which he put up a placard: Contrary to the laws of nature. The satirist and editor Vlas Doroshevich ridiculed Troubetzkoy’s aggressive evangelism: “He is expected to talk about art. He talks about vegetarianism. He is the apostle of vegetarianism. His household is vegetarian. His servants are vegetarians. And he even made his dogs vegetarians!” Indeed, Troubetzkoy had imported from Siberia a couple of unusual dogs – the neighbors mistook them for tame wolfcubs – and put the animals on a plant-based diet. But one day he saw the cook feed them bones with meat. The “vegetarians”, of course, pounced upon the forbidden fruit with obvious pleasure, no doubt to his dismay.


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