Art Roundup – August 2014

Despite the disapproval over recent Russian activities, the Year of Russia in the UK continues apace. So if you’re in London there is much to check out. But we might as well see what’s happening elsewhere.

  1. In Jersey City, NJ, the Museum of Russian Art looks like a worthwhile visit. Their next exhibition is not till October, but check out their collections.
  2. The Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Art holds an exhibition of works by young Kyrgyz women artists. It runs from August 28 to September 19, 2014.
  3. Moscow’s Institute of Russian Realist Art has an exhibition titled Welcome: European drawings by Anatoly Kokorin (1908-87). It runs till October 26, 2014.

A short list this time. But I must mention that I managed to miss a lecture on Lazar Khidekel at the Pushkin House a few days ago. Now all I can hope is that the planned exhibitions of his works will appear next year at GRAD Gallery, as they said they were going to.


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