Art Roundup – May 2014

Have we got some fine events for your this month? Indeed, we have.

Animal No. 4, by Aryat Teregulov.

  1. London’s Erarta Gallery is holding an exhibition of contemporary works titled the Erarta May Fair. It runs till May 24, 2014, and includes works by Aleksandr Kosenkov, Anna Taguti, Aryat Teregulov, Danja Akulin, David Plaksin, Dmitry Shorin, Ekaterina Borodavchenko, Mikhail Lezin, Rinat Minnebaev, Valery Valran, Vyacheslav Mikhailov…
  2. I’m sorry to say I missed the Fabergé Eggs exhibition at Harrods. Instead, perhaps I should head to Tashkent where an exhibition titled The Spring of Land of Fire has opened at the Azerbaijan Cultural Center, showing works from Azerbaijani artists, such as Nazim Mammadov, Mammadhuseyn Huseynov, Hafiz Karimov, Ilaha Aliyeva, Humay Akhundova, Asif Jafarov and others.
  3. Latvian-born sculptor and artist Vija Celmins opens her first ever exhibition in Riga: ‘Double Reality‘ runs till June 22 at the Art Museum Riga Bourse.
  4. Mari Roosvalt and Mara Ljutjuk, Estonian artists, have an exhibition Traces of their works at the Estonian Embassy in Berlin. It runs till June 8.
  5. Terra is an exhibition of the works of the Karelian artist Sergei Kiselev. It runs till May 25 at the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia in Petrozavodsk.

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