Art Roundup – March 2014

Spring is almost upon us, and the time for art is now!

  1. The Zimmerli Art Museum of Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey is holding an exhibition “Tales of War: A Selection of Works on Paper” on war from the perspective of Russian artists. It runs till April 23. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a set of photomontages by Alexander Zhitomirsky (1907-1993).
  2. The Monterey Museum of Art (in California) holds an exhibition of the photographs of the Armenian-Canadian master Yousuf Karsh (1908-2002). (He’s not properly of the erstwhile Russian empire, because he grew up in Ottoman Turkey and emigrated to Canada after the tribulations of the Armenian pogroms of 1915.)
  3. We seem to be having a US-tilted roundup this month. The Marlborough Gallery in New York City holds an exhibition of the works of Grisha Bruskin (1945- ). The Wall Street Journal has a fine review. It runs till March 15.

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