Art Roundup – January 2014

Happy 2014, folks! Here is to much art and joy in this brand new year.

Another year, another round-up. What do we have this cold month of January?

  1. Sotheby’s, along with the Institute of Russian Realist Art, is exhibiting a series of works under the title Soviet Art, Soviet Sport. It runs in London between January 2-14. I’m not going to miss this one!
  2. The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga, Latvia is holding an exhibition of Latvian design titled On the Great Track of Life. Graphic Language of the 1960s in Latvia. Much as the Soviet occupation was a trauma for the country, a lot of interesting design aesthetics came into being in the period. The exhibition runs till February 2, 2014.
  3. Aigana Gali, a contemporary Kazakh artist, is exhibiting in south London’s Carnegie Library till January 7. Rush!
  4. In St Petersburg‘s State Museum-Institute of the Roerichs, there’s an exhibition till March 30, 2014 of the works of the Roerich School.

In other news, the first professional artist from the Abkhaz people, Alexander Konstantinovich Shervashidze-Chachba (1867-1968), was honoured by a sculpture in Sukhumi. In a later post, perhaps, I’ll do a bit of a write-up on this centenarian, who worked as stage designer with Diaghilev, was a renowned art teacher in his home country, and was a member of the Russian emigre art collective ”Montparnasse” . Hopefully I’ll be able to find some images of his art.

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