Alexander von Kotzebue

One more German-born Russian artist for your edification. Alexander von Kotzebue (Александр Евстафиевич Коцебу, 1815-1889) was born in Königsberg (today’s Kaliningrad). He joined the Cadet Corps in St Petersburg but switched to the St Petersburg Academy of Art. He then went on to study at Paris and other European centres, before settling in Munich, where he became a professor of Russian. He died in 1889.

Kotzebue is known for his monumental canvases of military art which he executed on behalf of the Czar. Here are some of his works.

Battle of Narva.

The storm of Swedish fortress Noteburg in October, 1702, by Russian troops. Czar Peter I is shown in the centre. (1846)

Fall of Kolberg in 1761

Battle on Devil’s Bridge, Switzerland.

Battle of Zorndorf

Victory at Poltava.

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