Art Roundup – November 2013

It’s the Hindu festival of lights today, folks. Happy Diwali!

And here’s a quick roundup of this month’s fun.

  1. At the New Hall Art Collection in Cambridge, England, there is an exhibition of Contemporary Russian Women Artists. It runs till November 30, 2013.
  2. In Dubai‘s Cuadro Fine Arts Gallery is an exploration of the condition of women, Out of Body, in the paintings and sculptures of Aidan Salakhova, an Uzbek/Azerbaijani artist. This runs till November 7, 2013.
  3. Boris Chetkov’s works are on display this month (November 22-24, 2013) as part of the Russian Art Week at the Westbury Hotel in London.
  4. Here’s advance warning of an exhibition of Viktor Popkov’s art at the Somerset House in London in May 2014. If you can’t wait that long, there’s a book about him Viktor Popkov: A Russian Painter of Genius recently published. Huzzah!
  5. And, if you really want to check out some of the finest lifetime collections of Russian art, you could do worse than to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and sate your senses at the Pushkin Gallery.

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