Art Roundup – January 2013

Happy New Year, folks. Here’s wishing you all a fine and arty 2013 filled with joy and the chance to hang up the occasional Goncharova or Malyavin on your walls!

As Napoleon abandons his Army, so do I my series of posts on his great invasion of two hundred years ago. It should back to regular programming for me, folks, although I do find myself somewhat filled with lassitude. Here, though, is what’s happening in the world of art this month.

  1. A new gallery in London, ArtMost, is promoting Russian talent. Check out their exhibition of the works of Viktor Razgulin till January 20, 2013 (by appointment only).
  2. One of the great nonconformist artists in the old Soviet Union was Leonid Sokov. At Rutgers University’s Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick, NJ, will begin on January 26, 2013, an exhibition of some of his finest works, titled Ironic Objects.
  3. Here’s an interesting idea: an exhibition of art by artists of the Russian diaspora who are now Shrewsbury’s residents. At the Hive Art and Media Gallery, from January 14 – February 1, 2013, is ‘Born in the USSR‘, curated by Svetlana Elantseva.
  4. At the House of Photography in Tashkent, a Turkmen Artists’ Exhibition continues till January 10, 2013. Among others will be the works of Ruvim Mazel who was one of the founders of the Turkmen Painting School at Ashgabat.
  5. Lithuania’s National Art Gallery has a permanent exhibition on 20th century Lithuanian art. Check it out if you are in Vilnius!
  6. The Chinese are not to be outdone: Shanghai’s Museum of Contemporary Arts ‘Huntsiao’ hosts an exhibition of ‘Modern works of famous Uzbek artists‘, including pieces by Mukhtarkhan Isanov, Marat Sadykov, Gafur Kadyrov, Faizullah Ahmadaliev, Khurshid Ziyakhanov and Akmal Noor. Ends January 12, 2013.

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