1812, Part 5

On August 26, 1812, the terrible Battle of Borodino was fought. This was the second main engagement of the war, very nearly at the gates of Moscow. The French won a Pyrrhic victory. Having lost large numbers of their men, they were able to march to Moscow. The Russians, though, had managed to preserve a large part of their forces.

Napoleon at Borodino heights, by Vasily Vereschagin.

Borodino, by unknown artist. (First half of 1800s).

Battle of Borodino, by Peter von Hess.

Battle of Borodino, by unknown artist. (1891).

Battle of Borodino, by Louis François Lejeune. (1822).

The End of the Battle of Borodino, by Vasily Vereschagin.

[Translated excerpts from КНИЖКА С КАРТИНКАМИ.]

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