1812, Part 3

On July 28, 1812, Russian forces under Peter Wittgenstein engaged the French at Klyastitsy. After a bloody battle, the Russians claimed their first significant victory by stopping the French advance towards St Petersburg.

Peter Wittgenstein, by George Dawe. (1819-25).

Nearly thirty years later, the Emperor Nicholas I invited a German painter of landscapes, Peter von Hess, to Russia, and commissioned a series of works on the chief battles of the war of 1812. The first in the cycle is dedicated to the Klyasitsky battle, shown below. The French have set fire to the only bridge over the river Nishcha, and the Pavlovsk grenadiers are rushing towards it.

Battle of Klyastitsy, by Peter von Hess. (1840-57).

[Translated excerpts from КНИЖКА С КАРТИНКАМИ.]


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