Artists in India I

The Soviet artist Nikolai Ponomaryov (Николай Афанасьевич Пономарёв) (1918 – 97) often travelled abroad and created several series of gouaches and drawings in tribute to the countries he visited. He went to Egypt, Vietnam, Japan and Bulgaria. He also visited India, and that set of works is particularly admirable in his ability to recreate with just a few touches an entire vibrant scene, portraits or landscapes. The choice of his technique was completely organic, somehow allied with the spirit of the country he was in: his subtlety of perception and expression was coloured by the poetry he saw in the daily life in every country.

Truth be told, Ponomaryov was an authorised Soviet artist during his missions abroad, and his sketches were therefore limited by his politics and social views. Still, he was sympathetic to the concerns of the peoples he visited, and that sympathy is apparent in his works. Below are some of them.


6 thoughts on “Artists in India I

  1. Hi,
    I am collecting information on paintings with russian dogs. In your February blog is an interesting pic that I haven’t found in any book. I would love to look at a pic with higher resolution. Do you remember where you located it?
    Thanks for your great blog!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Do you mean the portrait of the children of Czar Alexander III with a dog by Edelfelt? Or the one of Edelfelt’s sister and her dog? There are three versions of the latter, if I understand rightly: one in Hermitage (St Petersburg), another in Gothenburg Art Museum, and the third in Helsinki’s Ateneum Art Museum – not too far from you, I hope?

      • Yes all those I know from literature on art and exhibitions. The one I would love to see (in real life) or as a high resolution picture is “Portrait of children” 1881, with the black and white picture of a dog in the painting included. Sorry to bother you again, and thanks in advance.

      • OOO, makes me sad 😦
        Are you sure there isn’t any information on your pic in your own file? So strange I can’t find it in the internet. Hmm…let’s hope it is not a forgery. Sometimes the auction houses post lots that are fakes and then they delete them. I was hoping that the dog picture is in some museum in Russia. Looks like a scanned image from a print on paper.
        P.S. you have a lovely Monet (In the Woods, 1887) mixed-up with Edelfelt’s oeuvre. In the LA Country Museum of Art collection.

      • Ah, thanks for that – you are absolutely right, it is indeed Monet at Giverny! Error in upload, I’m afraid – I’ll fix it. As for the other picture, nope – no information at all. I’ll send you a message if I learn anything new about it.

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