Art Roundup – July 2012

Lots of stuff going on this month. First off, we have the biggest ever exhibition of Konstantin Korovin‘s work at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. This is going on till August 12, 2012. You may recall my brief post about this artist a few days ago.

Still in the Tretyakov is an exhibition of Nikolai Fechin celebrating the 130th anniversary of his birth. In his own way an Impressionist, Fechin was a student of the celebrated Ivan Repin. This exhibition goes on till July 29, 2012.

Yet another exhibition at the Tretyakov is that of Victor Vasnetsov – Preparatory Works for the Murals of St. Vladimir’s Cathedral in Kiev. 1885-1896. This ends 8 September 2013 – you have no excuse if you miss it.

Then there’s an exhibition of early 20th century Nonconformist and contemporary Russian art at the Museum of Private Collections, Moscow, ending on 26 August 2012. The New York Times has an interesting article on it.

Outside of Russia, the Poles have arranged an exhibition of the brilliant photographer Alexander Rodchenko. ‘Rodchenko began as a painter and then became an important designer. His innovative layouts for magazines, posters and typography changed the visual art culture of his time; he was particularly adept at photomontage, an avant-garde art form used widely in Europe in the 1920s and ’30s to illustrate magazines and for advertising and political posters.‘ (From the Wall Street Journal.) The exhibition continues through 19 August 2012 at the National Museum in Krakow.

And in Basel, Switzerland, the Museum Tinguely is holding an exhibition of the oeuvre of Vladimir Tatlin, a famed artist of the Russian and Soviet avant-garde. Tatlin started as a painter and moved to his so-called counter-reliefs: ‘… an art form created by Tatlin after visiting Pablo Picasso, whom he admired greatly, in Paris. It constitutes a challenge to previous forms of painting and sculpture, and attains its effect solely through its organisation of diverse materials in space.’ There’s an excellent series of articles on it at the World Socialist Web Site. The exhibition continues through 14 October 2012.


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