Lives of the Artists II

In his autobiography, Konstantin Korovin recalled how his professor Sorokin summoned him to  the studio to show him his new landscape and to get some suggestions from his student as to why the painting was a failure. Korovin explained:

‘In nature everything is different in kind, and yet all the same. You see logs, glass in the windows, trees. But for me these are only paints. For me they are all the same – mere spots.’

‘Hang on, how can that be?’ said Sorokin. ‘I see logs – my dacha is made of logs.’

‘No. When one correctly applies paint, the logs emerge from the tones and contrast.’

‘Surely not,’ said Sorokin. ‘One must draw everything first, and then paint it in.’

‘No, nothing will come of that,’ replied Korovin.

‘Well, no wonder everybody scolds you. The drawing is primary in art.’

‘There is no drawing,’ replied Korovin.

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