Anatoly Kuvin

[While pottering about the web looking for images of the Vladimirka road, I came across Vladimir Kuvin, and immediately thereafter, his brother Anatoly. Both brothers were landscape artists. So here you go, a loose translation from Maria Moskvicheva’s Realist of Light on MKRU, 13 January 2012.]

You will not amaze anyone today with realist Russian landscapes filled with light and tenderness. But this doesn’t mean that art that shines with warmth and love doesn’t interest viewers. This is proved by the oeuvre of Anatoly Kuvin (Анатолий Иванович Кувин) (1931- ), who celebrates his 80th year with a series of exhibitions. One of them, in his hometown of Vladimir, has already garnered him numerous kudos from fans of his artistic style. Now the artist, who graduated in 1956 from the Surikov State Art Institute in Moscow, is preparing a retrospective of his work at the New Manege (3/3 Georgievsky pereulok, Moscow), which opens 17 January 2012 and runs for only three days.

Sunny August. (1969).

First snow. (Picture by

Last snow. (1973). (Picture: Virtual Vladimir)

Warm autumn. (Picture by

First greenery. (Picture by

Farmyard. (1959). (Picture: Virtual Vladimir)

Anatoly Kuvin’s name, just like his late brother Vladimir Kuvin, is inscribed in Vladimir town’s artistic school with a special force – lyricism. Their paintings have stood apart from politics and progress. They sing of the beauty of the heart of Russia. Vladimir’s art is more graphic, clearer, traced, while that of his brother is influenced by the Impressionists.

Vladimir. (Picture by

The provincial streets of Suzdal and Vladimir of the 1960s are filled with bright sunlight, creating a sensation of beautiful slumber. The optimism which fills every canvas of Anatoly is striking in its candour and openness. Such a positive perception of the world is rarely given to painters in the capital – where, indeed, will they feel it when all around them are grey buildings and endless traffic jams?

On motorbike. (Picture by

October. (Picture by

October. (1991). (Picture: Virtual Vladimir)

Mstinsk lake. (Picture by

Vladimir. (1964). (Picture: Virtual Vladimir)

And another thing – Vladimir is one of the oldest towns of Russia, filled with churches and low historic houses. It’s not enough to live in a quiet provincial town, of course – to fill one’s work exclusively with kind-hearted stories requires a particular, special character.

Winter scene. (2010).

Lively and cheerful, Anatoly Kuvin gets up early and immediately takes up his brush. Fields, birch trees, horses harnessed to sleds, village boys – these are the heroes for Anatoly. He admires them greatly. He uses pure colours, creating sharp tints and contrasts. Such a peaceful and bright manner distinguishes a Kuvin painting.

Ice drift. (Picture by

In the park. (Picture by

Anatoly Kuvin’s works can be found in collections of museums in Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kovrov as well as private collections in Russia and abroad.

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